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Founder Journalist & Organic Apostle Alison Jane Reid

Ethical Hedonists,

The kind of dream dating and friends social site I want to belong to doesn't exist, so I had to invent it!

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Here it is, dating and socialising for authentic people who stand out from the herd!

You are: intelligent, quirky, ethical, educated, creative, a leader not a follower, rebellious, sartorial (think Made in Britain and artisan fashion), health conscious, compassionate, spontaneous, entrepreneurial, social and love life with a passion.

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Who knows you might meet your BFF or that special person who makes your heart miss a beat!

Oh! and you don't think Fair-trade means getting in a round down the pub or that going organic is just for hippies. Think of Ethical Hedonist Dating and Social as cross between an episode of War and Peace, Friends and Thirty Rock. We adore experiences, laughter, decadance, larking, spontaneity and bringing real people together.